Ordinances & Resolutions


Catalog of Ordinances updated 5-22
Ordinance 02-11 Create Extraterritorial Zoning Committee
Ordinance 02-20 Split Shifts for Election Days
Ordinance 03-10: Alcohol ControlOrdinance 03-12: Ordinance to Extend Town Officer Terms in Response to Election Law Changes
Ordinance 03-17: Naming a Town Highway
Ordinance 04-13 Charges for Fire Protection and Emergency Responses
Ordinance 04-16A Parking Restrictions Helenville
Ordinance 04-16B Town Road Weight Limits
Ordinance 04-22 ATV-UTV Ordinance
Ordinance 05-10B: Designate Class "B" Highways
Ordinance 05-14 Appoint Alternate Members for Board of Review
Revised Ordinance 05-14, Appoint Alternate Member for Board of Review
05-18 Revised Ordinance 05-14 Appointment Alternate Members for Board of Review
Ordinance 05-16 Designating Class B Town Highways and Weight-Limited Town Highways
Ordinance 06-10 Adopt Comprehensive Land Use Plan
Ordinance 06-15A Noise Ordinance Prohibiting Use of Engine Compression Brakes
Ordinance 06-15B Prohibiting Setting of Uncontained Fires
Ordinance 06-2 Regulating Fences (Replaced with Ordinance 10-18)
Ordinance 08-15 Designating Posted Town Roads for ATV (Replaced by Ordinance 04-22)
Ordinance 09-09B: Authorization to Set Annual Fee Schedule with Annual Resolution
Ordinance 09-12 Truck Route Restriction on Hoard Road
Ordinance 09-13 Use of Town Roads by  Jefferson 1/2 Mile Club (Replaced by Ordinance 04-22)
Ordinance 09-13 Use of Town Roads by Jefferson 1/2 Mile Club
Ordinance 10-18 Regulating Fences
Ordinance 10-19 Building & Mechanical Code
Ordinance 10-19A Adoption of SPS 316 State of Wisconsin Electrical Code
Ordinance 11-11 Speed Limit on segment of Vogel Road
Ordinance 11-15 IOH Replacing 01-15
Ordinance 12-12 Parking Restrictions on Paradise Road
Ordinance 12-18 Driveway and Town Road Access Permit
Ordinance 51: Regulating the Parking of Vehicles on Various Streets in the Unincorporated Village of Helenville
Ordinance 53: Regulate the Sale of Fermented Malt Beverages and Loitering in Certain Licensed Premises
Ordinance 53B: Regulate the Sale of Alcohol Beverages
Ordinance 54: Regulate Closing Hours for Taverns with Combination Alcoholic Beverage Licenses
Ordinance 56: Dog Ordinance
Ordinance 57: Emergency Government Director
Ordinance 58: Hazardous Waste Ordinance
Ordinance 59: Establishing Jurisdiction and Duties of Town Constable

Ordinance 60: Designating a Highway as Snowmobile Route
Ordinance 61: Amending Provisions of Municipal Code of the Town of Jefferson, Wisconsin, Relating to the Licensing of Alcohol Beverages
Ordinance 61: Citations for Certain Ordinance Violations
Ordinance 62: Waste Management
Ordinance 64: Obscenity, Nudity
Ordinance 66: Recycling
Ordinance 66: Recycling (Amendment)
Ordinance 67: Speed Restriction on Meirkwood Road and Rapids Roads
Ordinance 68: Fee for Town Board review of zoning changes, variances, conditional use permits, subdivisions and preliminary survey plats
Ordinance 69: Standards for New Streets and Roadways in the Town of Jefferson
Ordinance 70A: Abandoned or Junked Vehicles and Appliances
Ordinance 70B: Storage of Special Interest Vehicles, Reconstructed Vehicles, and Homemade Vehicles
Ordinance 71: Restricting Parking in the Village of Helenville During Winter Months
Ordinance 72: Method of Paying the Cost of Street Lighting on Helenville
Ordinance 73: Speed Restrictions on North and South Rapids Road, Wagner Lane, Riverside Land and West Rapids Road
Ordinance 74: Parking Restrictions on South Helenville Road
Ordinance 76: Provides for the Destruction of Town Records pursuant to Section 19.21(4), Wisconsin Statutes
Ordinance 77: Establish Speed Restrictions on Hoard Road between State Highway 26 Bypass and State Highway 89
Ordinance 78: Prohibiting Live, Totally Nude, Non-Obscene, Erotic Dancing in Establishments Licensed to Sell Alcohol Beverages and Exceptions
Ordinance 79 / Ordinance 06-1 Amendment to Driveway Ordinance (Replaced with Ordinance 12-18)
Ordinance 79: Driveway (Replaced with Ordinance 12-18)

Ordinance 80: Relating to the Confidentiality of Information about Income and Expenses Requested by the Assessor in Property Assessment Matters
Ordinance 81: Prohibit the Maintenance of Unsafe Buildings, Structures or Dwelling Units in the Town of Jefferson so as to Protect the Safety and Welfare of the Town
Ordinance 82(2): Providing for the Removal of Snow and Ice from Sidewalks Intended for Public Use and the Procedure for Removal if the Property Owner Fails to do so
Ordinance 82: Providing for the Withholding of Licenses and Permits Granted by the Town Board when the Applicant has Unpaid Property Taxes, Assessments, Forfeitures or other Fees Owing to the Town
Ordinance 83: Providing for Reduced Speed Limit on Area on Kiesing Road Between Banker and Regelein Lane
Ordinance 84: Fireworks Sales Ordinance
Ordinance 85: Providing for Reduced Speed Limit on Paradise Road
Ordinance 86: Providing for the Destruction of Certain Noxious Weeds
Ordinance 87: Providing for Reduced Speed Limit on Will Road and Vogel Road
Ordinance 88: Providing for Reduced Speed Limit on Banker Road (from Kiesling Road to Hwy 26 Bypass) and the Length of Kiesling Road
Ordinance 89: Providing for Reduced Speed Limit on Jaeckel Road from Cty Hwy N to the Jefferson/Koshkonong Town Line
Ordinance 90: Alternative Claim Procedure for Refunds of Tax Payments in Excess of Tax Bill Amounts
Ordinance 91-05 Prohibit Boats w-Motors
Ordinance 91: Restricted Parking on South Helenville Road at the Intersection of South Hellenville Road and U.S. Highway 18
Ordinance 92 (2004) Reduced Speed Limit on Duck Creek Road
Ordinance 92: Setting and Revising Permit Fees
Ordinance 93: Regulating Outdoor Wood - Fired Furnances
Ordinance 94: Parking Restrictions on Laatsch lane
Ordinance 95: Plan Commission
Ordinance 96: Establishing a compliance Assurance Plan
Ordinance 97-07: Regarding the Imposition of Late Fees for All Licenses
Ordinance 98-07: Regarding Operators' License Under Chapter 125.17, Wis. Stats.
Ordinance 99-07: Regulating use of Skateboards, Bicycles, In-Line Skates and other Play Vehicles used for no legitimate purpose


Resolution 02-2019 To Discontinue and Vacate White Oak Drive  (Maps)
Resolution 02-2016 Posting Locations for Public Notifications
Resolution 03-16 Crawfish River/Popp Rd Erosion Control Project
Resolution 04-19 To Discontinue and Vacate White Oak Drive
Resolution 05-15 Declaring an Emergency to Public Bid...
Resolution 05-16 Designating Public Depository
Resolution 05-16A Borrowing Resolution
Resolution 05-17 Discontinue Public Way Jones Lane
Resolution 05-17A Awarding Engineering Firm Will Road Bridge
Resolution 06-15A Notice of Public Contract With Estimated Cost...
Resolution 06-18 Borrowing Resolution
Resolution 06-19 Borrowing Resolution
Resolution 06-2020 Borrowing Resolution
Resolution 06-21 Borrowing Resolution
Resolution 06-22 Updating Comprehensive Plan
Resolution 07-11 Establish Wards in the Town of Jefferson
Resolution 08-10: Addressing Purchase of Land by Jefferson County for Park Purposes
Resolution 08-16 Just Fix It
Resolution 08-17 Imposing Special Charges- Jefferson Utilities
Resolution 08-18 Town Transportation
Resolution 08-18A Broadband Grant Resolution
Resolution 09-06 National Incident Management System(NIMS)
Resolution 09-11 Adopting Employee Grievance Procedure

Resolution 09-11 Attached Employee Grievance Procedure and Forms
Resolution 09-13 Move to Amend
Resolution 09-19 Award for Engineering Services
Resolution 09-2021 Borrowing Resolution
Resolution 10-14 Discontinuance Public Way West Wenzel Lane Right-of-Way Extension
Resolution 10-201 Establishing Wards
Resolution 11-20 Vacate and Discontinue a Portion of White Oak Drive
Resolution 11-20A Vacate and Discontinue a Portion of River Road Right of Way
Resolution 11-12 Board Meeting Start Time
Resolution 11-12 LR In Support of Constitutional Amendment for Fair Share for Local Roads
Resolution 12-15 Setting Fee Schedule
Resolution 12-16 Setting Fee Schedule
Resolution 12-17 Setting Fee Schedule
Resolution 12-18 Annual Fee Schedule for 2019
Resolution 12-19 Annual Fee Schedule 2020
Resolution 12-19A Broadband Resolution
Resolution 12-20 Setting Fee Schedule
Resolution 12-21 Annual Fee Schedule 2022
Resolution: Adoption of Comprehensive Land Use Plan
Resolution: Authorizing Litigation